Building the Future

At summit, we're building the infrastructure of the future. From remote communications towers bringing the latest cellular communications to every corner of the Pacific Northwest to building the infrastructure for a future of electric vehicles, our team is on-site paving the way.

Looking for new opportunities?  Come build the future. 

Wherever it's Needed

We take on jobs that are in some hard-to-get-to areas. If it's adventurous and remote, we're on it.

Whatever it Takes

Sometimes it takes grit, a willingness to drive 80 miles into the foothills of the Cascade mountains with two feet of snow on the ground. That's why we believe in investing in the right people and the best equipment to do the job.

ATV Adventure Summit Solutions Group

With People we Trust

Not just anybody can take the level of adventure that happens at Summit. It takes the right kind of people with a mindset for getting the work done with safety, flexibility and independence. We're looking for people who know how to navigate challenging projects with agility and competence. People with solutions for difficult sceenerios.

Cell Tower Climber

Stay connected. It's more than just completing the job. We love being a part of building the future and keeping people connected. Make sure cell sites are running and optimized to continuously improve lives drives us to take on jobs located where other people won't go.

The future is electric. Nothing is more important to making electric vehicles a reality than building the infrastructure to sustain this new incredible technology. Summit Solutions is an industry leader in helping companies and governments plan and install charging stations to prepare our communities for a better future.

Cell Tower ConstructionElectric Car Charging Station Construction